For the group exhibition Café Des Espérances in Fort Vijfhuizen I was asked to exhibit the work shown in Wesel Germany in the solo exhibition Repeating The Archive. (See for more information Repeating the Archive). When rethinking the work presented and the former location of presentation -a local shop, an easy accesible space and site specific to the content of the work to the closed architecture of a fortress and the context of a group exhibition on the soft- and hardware of war- it seemed necessary, because of this change of context, to approach the work in a slightly different way but maintaining the basic idea of 'stacked memories'. I chose to add a small color photograph, which was hung at the beginning of the route of the exhibition, a first 'glance' (and this time the only photograph in color) into the private room of the former battalion. This photograph was depicted (in black and white) on the invite of the show in Wesel. The core of the initial installation, the six tables, were shown again, with the six photographs of the Traditionsraum as the basis. This time, however, the prints were plots in black and white. On top of these plots A4 stacks were place with photographs of the piles of photographs used in Wesel- a visual 'echo' of the first execution, a Droste-effect 1:1.

Partly made possible by the Mondriaan Fund- the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture

July 2012
Café Des Espérances Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen 22 July - 16 September 2012
Work by Thomas I'Anson, Kevin van Braak, Jan van der Pol, Jonas Staal, Eva Olthof and Stefaan Decostere. Curated by Saskia Monshouwer.