two presentations and a book
Eva Olthof & Stefano Faoro
June 30, 2012 Schloss Ringenberg

In December 2011 we worked together on an exhibition in a small artist-run space in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The exhibition was called At the end of the world I exist and consisted of two diverse installations. The work on display was mirroring an ongoing discourse about traveling, distance and the transportive potentialities of the image starting from each our interests – respectively photography and architecture.
Six months later, we organized an event at Schloss Ringenberg, Germany. During the night the work took the form of two presentations and a book, in order to broaden the performative side of the installation presented before and to transport the previous space into the new room, the Rittersaal.
The presentations and the book touch, amongst other things, upon a postcard from Tenerife and the portrait of Emily Dickinson, respectively the features of the two specific exhibition spaces and the furniture that inhabits them. Artist and writer Miek Zwamborn was invited to write a contribution to the book as a third link. The sentence At the end of the world I exist was used as a point of departure point for a short story titled Legacies of the moon.


Concept, editing and design: Eva Olthof & Stefano Faoro
Authors: Eva Olthof, Stefano Faoro and Miek Zwamborn
Printing: DPN Nijmegen, June 2012
Edition: 150 copies
Pages: 16

Made possible by Schloss Ringenberg & Mondriaan Fund- the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture