Do We Ever Know Where History Is Really Made?

Eva Olthof invited four artists and a graphic designer to think about the question: Do we ever know where history is really made? This question is a reference to the film Sans Soleil (1983) by French filmmaker Chris Marker. In this essay-film the construction of history is questioned. It is a cinematic, philosophical meditation on history and memory and the technologies that chronicle and record it.

In Do We Ever Know Where History Is Really Made? printed matter and performance are developed parallel to each other during the project. In this way both media can inform, contrast or complete each other. The result is a variation of works that highlight, transform or complement fragments of European history.

Jetske de Boer (NL, 1976) biked from Eemshaven in the north of the Netherlands to Gdansk in Poland and uses her documentation as starting point for new stories in order to connect these seemingly different places.

Eva Olthof (NL, 1983) uses the moment of the collapse of the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne (March 3rd, 2009) as a basis to build another archive, which consists of a growing collection of written memories.

Patrícia Sousa (PT, 1981) reworked the dialogues from the documentary Catembe (1965). Catembe depicts everyday life in Maputo during the Portuguese colonial period and was harshly censored during the Portuguese dictatorship.

Marija Šujica (RS, 1981) uses the famous print Intestinal Tract of a Seated Man by Hans Baldung Grien as a basis to anatomize contemporary forms of labour, such as copper theft.

Miek Zwamborn (NL, 1974) zooms in on two portraits of an unknown nineteenth century British paleontologist, Mary Anning.

The print-works are gathered in a specially designed folder. All print work is conducted in Extrapool’s risograph workshop Knust. The first performance evening took place on September 19th, 2013 at Extrapool Nijmegen.

Do We Ever Know Where History Is Really Made? is part of Extrapool’s guest curator project Gastpost

With Jetske de Boer, Eva Olthof, Stefano Faoro, Patrícia Sousa, Marija Sujica & Miek Zwamborn
Publication & performance night
Concept project: Eva Olthof
Graphic design: Stefano Faoro i.c.w the artists
Print: Knust/Extrapool
Publisher: Extrapool, Nijmegen
Edition: 100
September 2013

19th of September 2013 Extrapool Nijmegen
1st of November 2013 Printroom Rotterdam