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Public Library Of – Zines on library controversies and library love
PrintRoom 2021

Public Library Of is a series of zines which zoom in on public library controversies in different parts of the world. For each of the zines one specifically invited guest sheds light on a local library issue. This first edition of 200 copies, comprises 5 contributions, which are set in Alice Springs (AU), Bandung (ID) and Rotterdam (NL) with detours to Amsterdam and Spijkenisse (NL), Chicago (US) and Inverness (UK). The zines, published and riso printed at PrintRoom, feature multiple texts, newspaper clippings, fieldwork pictures, a poem and drawings.
With Gabriel Curtin, Agent OH, Frans Ari Prasetyo, Joke van der Zwaard & Eva Olthof
Graphic design by NM Studio

Return to Rightful Owner

Onomatopee 116

Photography: Eva Olthof
Text: Eva Olthof, Doreen Mende, Eben Moglen
Design: Stefano Faoro
Published: April 2015
Softcover , 92 pages

This project originated during a four months work period at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin December 2013 - March 2014

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Erinnern Sie sich an den Tag des Einsturzes?
Concept & design: Eva Olthof
Edition: 1000
Off set, 2014

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Do we ever know where history is really made?
Concept project: Eva Olthof
Collections of printed matter by Jetske de Boer, Eva Olthof, Patrícia Sousa, Marija Suijica & Miek Zwamborn
Graphic design: Stefano Faoro i.c.w the artists
Print: Knust/Extrapool
Publisher: Extrapool, Nijmegen
Edition: 100, 2013
€15 to be bought at Halfwithal Extrapool Nijmegen & PrintRoom Rotterdam

El Deformes
Concept: Eva Olthof i.c.w. CRAC Vaparaíso, Chile
Design: Eva Olthof
Publisher: CRAC Valparaíso
Edition: 2000
Language: Spanish
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Another Room
concept, editing and design: Eva Olthof & Stefano Faoro
Authors: Eva Olthof, Stefano Faoro & Miek Zwamborn
Printing: DPN, Nijmegen
Edition: 150 copies
Pages: 16

€5 (ex. shipping costs)

I have never seen volcanoes but when travellers tell
Concept: Eva Olthof
Title: Emily Dickinson, poem 175, c. 1870, first two lines
Authors: Peter Delpeut, Siri Driessen, Eva Olthof and Roman Signer
Photograph: Eva Olthof
Design: Stefano Faoro/ Werkplaats Typografie/ArtEZ
Collection editor 2011: Rebecca Sakoun
Translation Dutch-English: Laura Almagor
Publisher: Dutch Art Institute/ArtEZ
Print: Die Keure, Brugge
Edition: 350 copies
Pages: 32
ISBN: 987-94-90294-27-4
Dutch & English: Peter Delpeut
English: Siri Driessen, Eva Olthof & Roman Signer

€8,50 (ex. shipping costs) & can be bought at
PrintRoom Rotterdam / Bookiewoekie Amsterdam / Motto Berlin / Dutch Art Institute Arnhem

Repeating the archive, niemals geht man so ganz
Artist: Eva Olthof
Curator: Lieke Wouters
Text: Lieke Wouters (in German, English & Dutch)
Editor: Nancy Wolter
Design: Bas Reijnen
Stencil print: Extrapool, Nijmegen
Translations: Nina Dörner & Jop Luberti
Photography: Eva Olthof
Edition: 600 copies
Pages: 34
Publisher: Derik-Baegert-Gesellschaft/Schloss Ringenberg

€5 (ex. shipping costs)