May 2014
Kunstenaarsinitiatief Paraplufabriek Nijmegen
TIJD (de kracht van een manier van denken heeft bovenal te maken met haar vermogen zich te verplaatsen) Jacques Rancière
Curator: Stijn van Dorpe

June 2014
Social Image
Showroom MAMA Rotterdam
Curator: Gerben Willers



Stadtarchiv Köln 1971-2009 / poster
A stack of posters was on show during Prospects & Concepts at the Van Nellefabriek Rotterdam during Art Rotterdam 2014, 5-9 February.
It is part of the ongoing project Stadtarchiv Köln 1971-2009 initiated in 2013 and comprising an ever-growing archive of memories about the collapse of the former Historical Archive of the City of Cologne.
Poster 68 x 96 cm, Offset in an edition of 1000 and obtainable for free during the period of the exhibition only.

Do We Ever Know Where History Is Really Made?

Print & Performance project
GASTPOST#1 Extrapool Nijmegen

Publication contains five different print projects.
Artists: Jetske de Boer, Eva Olthof, Patrícia Sousa, Marija Sujica & Miek Zwamborn
Concept project: Eva Olthof
Graphic design: Stefano Faoro i.c.w the artists
Print: Knust/Extrapool
Publisher: Extrapool, Nijmegen
Edition: 100
September 2013

Publication is available at Halfwithal, Extrapool Nijmegen & PrintRoom Rotterdam

Stratos - Mad Gamble For Domination - Ruine Blanche

an exhibition and performance project by Christian Odzuck

With contributions by:

Performance: Fabian & Moritz Altenried, JL Murtaugh & Eva Olthof
Text: Carla Donauer & Alexandra Landré
Publisher: Rhein Verlag, 2013
ISBN 978-3-944574-29-5