900mdpl is an extensive site-specific art project located in Kaliurang, a small village on the southern slope of an active volcano, Mt.Merapi with average altitude of 900 meters above sea level. 900mdpl aims to respond to the space, collect stories, and revisit local wisdoms and value, promoting on knowledge exchange and community engagements through collaborative projects •

900mdpl consists of two parts: first, the residency period for each of the artists followed with production of their solo projects; and second, the grand project presentation of all artists on November 2017 at many different sites around Kaliurang where audience will be guided with a map to each of the solo projects of the artist. The audiences are invited to walk around Kaliurang to fully experience the space. For the artist, walking is the research methodology. For the audience, walking is the act of activating the place and turn it into a space of experience and to weave together the narration in each sites presented by the artist. • To access the exhibition, maps and walking tour are provided. There will be series of workshops too by artist collectives for public and local community during the week of project final presentation. 900mdpl is projected to be a seed of continues platform of site-specific art project, offering a space of possibilities •

Curator: Mira Asriningtyas •

Artists: Anggun Priambodo | Dimaz Maulana | Dito Yuwono | Edita Atmaja | Eva Olthof | Maryanto | Mella Jaarsma | Sandi Kalifadani | Simon Kentgens •

Opening: 1 November 2017 | 10.00 - 16.00 (RM.Joyo Jl.Astomulyo 69 Kaliurang Barat - Yogyakarta) – Free walking-tour available every hour during the opening •

Exhibition: 1 - 18 November 2017 •

Schedule for exhibition, weekend public program, screenings, workshop, and walking tour can be found in our instagram: 900mdpl (http://instagr.am/900mdpl) or website www.900mdpl.com • #walkto900mdpl